Happy Saint David’s Day


March 1st is Saint David’s Day … Saint David being the Welsh patron saint. Sorta like St Patrick, but without the green beer. Instead think poetry reading, singing and maybe some Welsh cakes. The ones below were baked by my sister. Thanks, Sis, for all the years of wonderful yummies!

To everyone: Happy Saint David’s Day!

Welsh Cakes

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  1. Allan, I always knew your family hailed from Wales but don’t remember ever hearing about St. David or St. David’s Day (or your sister’s cookies!). I looked it up on Wikipedia and learned “Traditional festivities include wearing daffodils and leeks, recognized symbols of Wales and Saint David.” So that’s why the beautiful photo of the daffodils, huh?

    1. We didn’t start any St David’s Day celebration until the ‘70’s. Larry was the key driver with his interest in genealogy … and wanting to celebrate our heritage. Yes, the daffodils are a Welsh symbol… the derogatory term “daffy” was used by the English for the Welsh. And in battles with the English, the Welsh would wear a leek in their hair or hats to distinguish themselves…. So we would often eat a raw leek. (Mostly it ended up as leek soup)

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