Dried Daffodils – Focus Stacked

Dried Daffodils

These daffodils are the same ones that I posted a photo of back on March 1st. I just emptied out the water, once they were past prime, and let them dry. In the past, I have hung them upside down. That keeps the blooms from tipping over and pointing downwards, like these do. I like the way that the milk bottle I was using for a vase distorts the stems, making them look jagged.

This is also another focus stack, like my previous post. In this case, it was a combination of 45 images. I used my Nikon D850 with a 105mm Macro lens on a tripod. I was shooting at ISO 100 and f/16, so each image was over 1 second. Again, clicking on the image will provide you with a larger image.



I needed to break out of the seasonal affectiveness disorder (brought on this time of year due to the short days here in the Pacific Northwest) and go for a little bit of spring color for a few days. Daffodils are right up there as one of my favorites. They are a symbol of Wales … along with the leek. Some sources indicate that the leek (welsh: cenhinen) was the original and the daffodil was introduced later as a result of it being referred to as St. Peter’s leek (cenhinen Bedr).

Either way, I like them because (besides being Welsh) I can grow them in the front yard and the deer don’t eat them.

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