Curves by Allan J Jones Photography Curves

I liked the repetition of curves in this. and the contrast between the foreground curves and the background verticals.

This was an example of a scene where the colors didn’t provide anything additional. I try to look at images and see if the colors are critically important. If not, I try switching to Black and White. Sometimes it doesn’t work in B&W. This was a stronger image without the color.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikkor 58mm
ISO 200    1/500 sec    f/8.0

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    1. That’s really true. Last night I was working on some photos I took yesterday and was quite disappointed with the initial run through them. They were images at a distance in the mountains and the colors were very blue and correcting them didn’t help a bit. But changing to B&W made them come alive.
      Thanks, Pat.

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