I recently picked up a (used, but in good condition) Hasselblad film camera. Always wanted one … the price on older film models is now within my reach.

Film? Yes. I find that occasionally shooting film helps concentrate your mind on the image and slows the pace. With the cost of a single image being what it is, you want it to have the correct exposure to match your vision of the image. It’s good practice. Sometimes I use my DSLR to check the exposure settings. But using a light meter helps with the mental concentration part.

This is a scan of the negative. The image is of a dying madrone in my front yard. WIth some salal, oregon grape and rhody mixed in.

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  1. Cool post Allan, love you shooting with the used Hasselblad, film and a light meter. Just today I did a post about a used 1970 Konica I bought, and needing to use a light meter as the built in meter uses mercury batteries that are no more available. Beautiful photo, rich textures!

    1. Took the Hasselblad in for service today… hopefully the last time I should have to do that.
      I hope you enjoy the Konica.

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