Day Lilies

Day Lily

I have had Day Lilies before … but this one is a REAL day lily. The blooms are there one day and done the next. Last year it had one bloom … it was a good thing I was home that day. This year there have been several blooms, some with slightly different shades of coloring.

The bottom image is a focus stack of 25 images … processed using HeliconFocus to pull out the in focus part of each image and then combined into a single image file.

Day Lily Focus Stack

Early Apple

Early Apple

I took this in my yard… I have a small espaliered apple tree. It has several varieties of apple on it, but I’m not sure which varieties. This one turned red during a recent heat wave and I thought it was just sunburned. But no, it is an particularly early variety … it wasn’t until it fell from the tree that I realized it. By then, of course, the interior was mushy. (this is the first year the tree has borne fruit).



One of the photographic challenges with living in a sea coast town is that there is often a breeze blowing. I like the breeze for it keeping the temperature moderate … but when I’m taking photos of flowers, the breeze increases the challenge by keeping the blooms in almost constant motion.


Begonia 1

I am quite pleased with how the begonias in my garden are doing this year … given my lack of success with any indoor plant. This is just a selection of how the season is starting out for them. Last fall they kept blooming late into the season.

Begonia 2
Begonia 3
Begonia 4

An Evening Stroll

An Evening Stroll

This is the abandoned car campground on the Dosewallips River. It makes a great spot to hike to and spend an evening or two while doing some dayhikes. It is also very interesting to watch the natural world reclaim the area. Stinging nettles are plentiful … that’s the majority of the ground cover in the near areas. But it makes a wonderful place to walk after dinner.

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