Backlit Mossy Trees

Backlit Mossy Tree

One of the things I enjoy about winter in the Olympics is seeing all the moss on the trees being backlit by sunshine. Of course, being Western Washington (let alone rain forest type environment), there aren’t a lot of days in the late fall or winter when you can get a sunny day. This was shot with my Nikon F6 on Tri-X, so I don’t have a color version for you to compare.

But I really enjoy the backlit, glowing green moss outlining each limb of these big leaf maples.

See below for a look at the trail we were hiking.

Dosewallips Trail – late fall

Splashes of Color

Vine Maple (Red)

The previous post referred to the vine maple as the source of the brightest reds in the lowland Olympics. Here’s a good example (above) as compared to big leaf maple and its yellows (below).

Big Leaf Maple (yellow)

Sorry Glad

Sorry Glad

I know the flower isn’t that sorry looking, but the title occurred to me and I thought it was funny.

This is a film shot … taken with my Hasselblad 503C/M, which I bought for me a couple years back, since I always wanted one (long ago) and couldn’t afford it.

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