A Splash of Red

A Splash of Red

I spotted this red splash of Oregon Grape in the middle of a patch of Salal. Two of the typical natural ground covers in the Pacific Northwest.

Fall: Details

Log End: Mosses and Lichens

Just some details of autumn finds. The log end isn’t particularly autumnish … except for the capture date.

Big Leaf Maple Leaf in Autumn

New Lens: Depth of Field

Wild Rose and Cow Parsnip at Fort Casey

I recently bought a new lens: a Tokina f/8 400mm reflex. It is a wonderful lens for its small form and cost (less than 10% what a Nikon 400mm ‘normal’ telephoto lens lists for). There are some trade offs for any reflex style lens: you get a fixed aperture and some artifacts from the front reflex mirror. I took it on the Port Townsend – Coupville ferry run and while on Whidbey Island, I walked around Fort Casey.

One of the characteristics of long telephoto lenses is relatively shallow depth of field. You can use it to your advantage, but it can be a challenge getting your image to work out. In the image below, I was focused on getting the kite in the image … which I did successfully. But the kite is just about all that’s in focus.

Kite at Fort Casey

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