Devil’s Club and Elderberry

Devil’s Club
Red Elderberry

These two plants were growing fairly close to each other in the upper North Fork of the Dosewallips valley in the Olympic National Park. The elderberry has been used for wine … I don’t know of any such use for devil’s club, although native peoples are said to have used the bark and roots medicinally. The thorns on the stems are a major deterrent to making any effort to force one’s way through a patch. Cross-country travel through devil’s club is virtually impossible.

Fireweed and Snag

Fireweed and Snag

I found this fireweed growing along the North Fork Skokomish trail. I spent quite a bit of time working to get the focus to my satisfaction. Primarily, I wanted to avoid a sharp background … since that tended to distract from the fireweed. However, I wanted the snag to retain enough identifying characteristics so that it was recognizable.

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