Kayaking with Seal Pups

Kayaking with Harbor Seal Pups
Kayaking with Harbor Seal Pups

I keep a kayak down at one of the local marinas so that it is convenient for me to put it in the water. No loading/unloading from my vehicle. No taking the kayak rack on and off. Having it be convenient makes it easy to get motivated to go paddle even if the weather is less than ideal.

I was out paddling in Budd Bay in January 2017 when I noticed a group of seal pups following the kayak. A friend told me the secret of how to get their photo … since when you turn the boat, they follow behind. You paddle backwards, they move around “behind” the boat and you can get their photo. There were 7 of them, but this was the best photo I got … they kept diving and swimming in and out of the frame.

I carry a Nikon point and shoot in my life jacket pocket. It is an AW120 and is waterproof … or at least water resistant. This is my second one. I dropped one in the bay when I was removing a sweater.

I wish it captured in RAW, but it’s small and handle to have with me. This is one time that I was real glad I had it.

Camera: Nikon AW120
Lens:   Built in set at 12mm
ISO 125   1/320th sec   f/4.5

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