Red Tail Hawk

Red Tail Hawk, Olympia WA
Red Tail Hawk, Olympia WA

I was on my daily walk around Capitol Lake and saw this hawk flying over. I got my camera out, glad that I had a zoom lens on. I don’t usually carry an extra lens with me on these walks. I shot whatever I see with whatever lens I have on. It is good practice in keeping your picture eye flexible for seeing in different ways.

Of course, by the time I got the camera ready (lens cap off, etc.), the hawk had moved off. It was still close enough that I continued to watch it, just for the joy of birding. I was really pleased when it turned and made a second pass. As it was directly overhead, I took this photo.

I didn’t do any masking… that is just the high overcast we had that day.

Camera:  Nikon D810
Lens:    Nikon 28-300mm at 300mm
ISO 100    1/500th sec    f/11

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