Sunset Photos

Lone Duck in the Sunset

Putting this blog together was the first time that I had these two images positioned like this. They are two separate image files, not just one cropped in two. But they were both taken at the same time from the same location.

Having them together creates more than the sum of the two separated.

Hunting Eagle

Hunting Eagle

I was out for a walk at the beach recently, enjoying the springlike weather. There were a couple of eagles hovering around the top of the bluff, near where they have nested. This one thought there was something for lunch on the shore. Turned out to be a false alarm.

As it left, a gull started following, just in case there was something dropped.

Gull looking for handouts.
  • Camera: Nikon D850
  • Lens: Nikkor 28-300mm set at 300mm
  • ISO 400 1/1000 sec f/16

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