Shovels Modrian

Shovels Mondrian
Shovels Mondrian

This image is one that I took with the Mamiya C33 that my Uncle (who set me up with my first darkroom when I was in 5th grade) gave me when it got to be too much for him to carry around. A wonderful camera … with a lot of the accessories.

These shovels were hanging on the side of my dad’s garage. He was a gardener and used these in his work. The large scoop shovels were used for bark. I worked with him for several years while I was going through college, so used these shovels often.

When I saw this image afterwards it immediately made me think of the later geometric works of Piet Mondrian. Although, without the bright primary colors.

Camera: Mamiya C33
Lens: Mamiya 80mm
Film: Kodacolor II

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