Double Solar Arc

Double Solar Arc with 22 degree upper tangent
Double Solar Arc with 22 degree upper tangent

I am a big advocate of keeping your eyes moving… and to keep watching the sky. There may not be anything going on at the minute… but there is a lot happening in the sky that many people totally miss by not looking up. This photo is an example of that.

I was returning from grocery shopping and as I pulling into the parking lot, I looked at the sky and saw this double solar arc with a 22 degree tangent arc (that’s the bright arc of light curving upwards from the top of the inner arc). These arcs are formed from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, so depend on temperatures and just the right conditions. This was the first time I had ever seen one.

I had to run in and get my camera and run across the street to the open field in order to get all the arc. I had put the 14mm lens on but I kept moving until I was able to hide the sun behind a small tree to mask the direct image of the sun.

Remember: keep looking up!

Camera:  Nikon D810
Lens:    Nikon 14mm 
ISO 100    1/800th sec    f/14

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