Hart Lake

Hart Lake with Mt Steel in the background

Hart Lake in LaCrosse Basin is another beautiful area in the Olympic National Park that is difficult to access. It is a couple days of hiking to get there … and, of course, another couple to get back out. With a day to enjoy the area, that makes a 5 day hike at a minimum. The remoteness means fewer people … a real bonus, as far as I’m concerned.

To illustrate the difficulty in access (besides the distance), below is an image I took of the fording of the Duckabush River (it’s lots bigger by the time it reaches it’s mouth). The water is icy cold and just below this area, drops over a falls.

Fording the Duckabush RIver

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  1. What is beautiful place. Once you were, there would be nice to stay longer than one day. Are there any sandy areas along the shoreline where you can go in and swim in the summer? Is that your hiking buddy fording the river?

    1. Yes, it’s nice to stay longer, for sure.
      Lots of amazing spots to explore and enjoy.
      I don’t remember any sandy areas, but we did go swimming.
      A short swim … the water was very cold.
      And yes, that’s my hiking buddy.

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