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Mt St Helens from Spirit Lake, June 1961

I don’t have a lot of images from when I was a kid … this is one of the few. I went with my Aunt Maisie and Uncle Dave up to Spirit Lake at Mt St Helens in June 1961. The top section of St Helens is now AWOL and Spirit Lake is totally different. The boat trip was a charter boat we took for a ride around the lake. The funny part of the camping trip was our arrival late at night on Friday. We set up camp in the dark, where we could find an open spot. We woke to find we had pitched our tent in the parking lot.

By the way, my Uncle Dave was who got me seriously interested in photography. This was about the time that he set me up with a darkroom and gave me his old Argus C-3 35mm rangefinder. However, this image was taken with a Kodak Brownie (a Hawkeye, I believe).

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    1. Easy to laugh about.
      If I remember, we laughed at the time.
      And were glad no one came and drove over us.

  1. This is great, Lynette. What a treasure this photo is, especially now that the mountain is quite different. Had to laugh about the parking lot. Reminds me of a similar scenario around about that same time on a trip from Dawson Creek to Calgary, when my sister and her husband pitched a tent, with the farmer’s permission, on the outskirts of Calgary. We listened to loud growls and roars all night. My sister was terrified, and then in the morning we found out that the Calgary Zoo was just below the hilltop where we had camped.

  2. That’s pretty cool that you still have a pic you’ve taken from when you started taking pics and with a brownie. Mt. St. Helens looked a little like Mt. Fuji back then before she blew her top.

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