Details of Fort Churchill

Fort Churchill Detail 1

Fort Churchill State Park is located south of Silver Springs, Nevada along the Carson River. It was originally an army supply base and provided some logistic support for the surrounding area. When the railroad came through, the need for the base disappeared and it was abandoned. It is now a state park and the buildings are maintained to keep them from further deterioration … but they are not restored.

Fort Churchill Detail 2
Fort Churchill Detail 3
Fort Churchill Detail 4
Fort Churchill Detail 5
Fort Churchill Detail 6

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  1. Nice series of photos, I particularly like the shadows of the clouds, the clouds and the building, the window into another world and the rocks leading you into another world……

    1. Thanks, Wendy. It’s a wonderful place, for sure.
      I was lucky to be there when there were lots of clouds

  2. Your images are great reminders of the beauty of this place. Now I want to return to Fort Churchill and make more pictures.

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