Tulips — past optimum display

Tulips — past optimum display

My sister brought me these … they were from her yard. They were quite nice and I enjoyed them right up through taking this photo. By the next day, they were really sad and they went the way of such.

This was a 5 image focus stack … (5 images with different focus points combined). That keeps the different parts of the image all staying in full focus. It allows the use of wider f/stops, which keeps diffraction from being an issue … which can happen with (for instance) an f/stop of f/16.

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  1. I LOVE your photo! May I have a copy? Do you think I can enlarge it to, say, 30” by 30” without distortion? Want to mount it on a wall, either with frame or unframed mounted on a backing.

  2. These are great. If you can find it there is a really fantastic Italian movie called “bread and tulips” that you would probably enjoy a lot … There is a scene in it with a vase of spent tulips of which I am reminded because of your photos.

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