Daffodils (Past Prime Display) on Black Velvet

Daffodils (Past Prime Display) on Black Velvet

Another image that I posted previously, but changed enough that I wanted to share this version. I wasn’t really all that excited about the previous one … I liked it, but the longer I looked at it, the more I wanted something different. So I went back into edit mode in Lightroom and selected the subject and after an hour or two of making sure the mask was accurate, I had something that I really liked.

(There’s not really any black velvet involved.)

Here’s the link to the previous version: https://wordpress.com/post/ajjphotoblog.com/7979

Dried Daffs

Dried Daffs

This is a combination of two different bouquets of daffodils. You can tell the difference between the two from the colors … but it’s not easy to see in this image. This is a focus stack of about 5 images.

I had an overhead light on and the background was two sheets of the same color mat board that I had laying around. I was amazed at how different the color showed up from the direction of the light. The distant background was lit more by the light through my north-facing sliding glass door. I also played around with the color of the background… the mat board is a medium brown. I used the subject mask option in LIghtroom to avoid changing the color of the daffodils.

Tulips — past optimum display

Tulips — past optimum display

My sister brought me these … they were from her yard. They were quite nice and I enjoyed them right up through taking this photo. By the next day, they were really sad and they went the way of such.

This was a 5 image focus stack … (5 images with different focus points combined). That keeps the different parts of the image all staying in full focus. It allows the use of wider f/stops, which keeps diffraction from being an issue … which can happen with (for instance) an f/stop of f/16.

Dried Daffodils – Focus Stacked

Dried Daffodils

These daffodils are the same ones that I posted a photo of back on March 1st. I just emptied out the water, once they were past prime, and let them dry. In the past, I have hung them upside down. That keeps the blooms from tipping over and pointing downwards, like these do. I like the way that the milk bottle I was using for a vase distorts the stems, making them look jagged.

This is also another focus stack, like my previous post. In this case, it was a combination of 45 images. I used my Nikon D850 with a 105mm Macro lens on a tripod. I was shooting at ISO 100 and f/16, so each image was over 1 second. Again, clicking on the image will provide you with a larger image.

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