Black or White: you choose

Bristlecones: color
Bristlecones: black and white

When I am working on editing photos, I usually check to see how an image looks when converted to black and white. Sometimes it is a surprise. Sometimes it is a no-brainer. However, sometimes it is a struggle to decide which image has more visual impact. This is an example of one such image. I like both. How about you?

For the non-technical folks: digital cameras capture raw data in a numerical format: it’s just a string of numbers. Either in-camera or in the computer, the data is converted to a set of (not entirely arbitrary) corresponding colors … or, in the case of black and white, tonal values. If converted in the computer, the photographer can make a choice of converting to black and white. If in the camera: the manufacturer decides what tonal values (and colors) are “correct”.

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  1. I don’t think the answer to your question is black and white. For sharing (remember slide shows using a sheet hung on the wall?) I prefer color. For display and work clearly done as art, such as some portraits, I really like black and white. Over the years your black and white photos have been beautiful and dramatic, but when you want to tell the story of one of your hikes with Jeff you usually use color. That’s what I mean.

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  3. What a difference! The colored version is warm. Black and white brings forth the details of the trees and makes the scene kind of spooky. I like both for different reasons.

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