The Skyline Trail – 2

The Skyline Trail Below Kimta Peak
Crossing Seattle Creek

These two images are from the Skyline Trail … which follows the ridge between the Queets and North Fork Quinault valleys in Olympic National Park. The pack is made by Yak … a Yak Pack. To me, it looked like it should be carried by a yak. The upper photo is one of my favorite images of a hiker silhouetted against the sky. Usually, the dynamic range is excessive and part of the image isn’t well exposed. In this one, I just got lucky.

The lower image is the crossing of Seattle Creek (one of the streams draining off of Mt Seattle). Stream crossings are always a little risky due to wet rocks and uneven footing. In addition, some stream levels vary a lot during the day due to increased run off as the sun melts snow and ice on the peaks.

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