Pyramid Mountain

Pyramid Mountain

This was taken on the Haines Highway, outside of Haines, Alaska. In the springtime, the sunsets last for hours. This provides the landscape photographer with time to drive around looking for the ‘best’ spot for getting a sunset photo. It stretches “The Golden Hour” into 3 or 4. If you can deal with the mosquitoes, it’s a wonderful place for photography.

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    1. Thanks, Marcus. When the sunset lasts 2 hours, it makes it easier to get a good exposure! Not like your street photography.

  1. Good job Allan, those are excellent photos. I like the reflexing in the water (lake). Those are awesome photos, patience and timing is everything.

    1. Thanks, Ziggy.
      I really appreciate it. It actually a river valley.
      Just about sea level and the water is slow.

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