Olympic Sunset

Olympic Sunset 1

These were taken from the boat launch and campground area of Fort Flagler State Park on the north end of Marrowstone Island. The top photo shows the northeast corner of the Olympic Mountains including Mt Constance (the tallest pointy one) … the more rounded summit that looks higher, but is only closer, is Mt Townsend. In the foreground distance is a crane loading (or unloading) munitions from a Navy ship at the Naval Magazine on Indian Island. Below shows the northeast Olympics running west towards Port Angeles. The water in both images is the mouth of Kilisut Harbor off of Port Townsend Bay.

Olympic Sunset 2

Sunset Views

Sunset View Looking West

These shots were taken within a minute or two of each other, the difference being the direction into or away from the sun. Above shows some of the old Fort Flagler buildings (still being used for retreats and other meetings). Below shows the peaks of the central Cascades above Puget Sound, with the years first snow reflecting the pink of the sunset.

Sunset View Looking East

Mt Baker and Beaver Moon

Mt Baker and Beaver Moon

Above you see Mt Baker and the Beaver Moon in the sunset from Fort Flagler on Marrowstone Island with Puget Sound. Notice the patch of rough water along the shore and then an area of smooth water a little farther out. The smooth area is a strong tidal current and the rough water is an eddy line. The tidal current is moving to the left as the tide goes out…. and it is being channeled by the island. It’s moving at over 10 knots … definitely not where I would want to be kayaking or canoeing.

The image below is a clearer shot of Mt Baker … with Mt Challenger to the right in the distance.

Mt Baker in the Sunset

Mt Rainier Sunset

Mt Rainier Sunset

Mt Rainier above Puget Sound from Fort Flagler on Marrowstone Island with the north end of the Kitsap Peninsula in the middle distance.

Never Shoot into the Sun

Never Shoot into the Sun

Certain times of the year you can get shots of the sun setting directly at the end of Water Street (‘main street’ Port Townsend). You aren’t supposed to shoot into the sun, because you get those lens flares and such (the big circle in the lower center). Don’t follow rules and you get better photos (sometimes).

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