Irley Lake and Clouds

Irely Lake

Irely Lake is close to the North Fork Quinault Road in the Olympic National Park. Just a short hike and open year round. This image was taken in winter and the recent rains had filled it up to overflowing.

There were plenty of clouds hanging on the ridges. One of my favorite photo subjects.

Quinault RIver from the Bridge to the North Fork Road
Misty Ridgeline

Reflection Over-The-Top

Reflection Over-The-Top

This reflection caught my eye while kayaking Lake St Clair outside of Olympia, WA. It was pretty bland in color with everything shades of brown and tan. Converted to B&W, though, it became an Op-Art kind of photo.

Window Reflection

Window Reflection

This was taken with a Holga: a cheap plastic camera that is today’s version of a Kodak Brownie.

I have also cropped a lot of the image, which made it even softer.

Shells (no, not that kind)

Crew Shells

These shells are living a nice indoor life at the Northwest Maritime Center and Wooden Boat Foundation in downtown Port Townsend. I was impressed with the reflections off of the shells … this was taken through the glass door (they were closed as I was walking by, looking for shots to use up the end of this roll of Tri-X). There are some of these that are historic with notable wins. Port Townsend has a long history of boat building.

Winter Reflection

Winter Reflection

This shot was taken on Lake Quinault … in the rain forest, from a canoe.

It’s pretty rare that you get a clear day in the middle of winter in the Olympic rain forests. even rarer when you get one without wind. We paddled to the other side of the lake and had to head back because it was getting dark. But not before we saw a couple of snow geese.

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