Pyramid Mountain

Pyramid Mountain

This was taken on the Haines Highway, outside of Haines, Alaska. In the springtime, the sunsets last for hours. This provides the landscape photographer with time to drive around looking for the ‘best’ spot for getting a sunset photo. It stretches “The Golden Hour” into 3 or 4. If you can deal with the mosquitoes, it’s a wonderful place for photography.

Alaska Sunset

Alaska Sunset

This was taken a while back when I was returning from seeing my aunt up in Haines, Alaska: from the ferry getting close to Juneau.

That’s a great ferry ride: too bad I have a negative reaction about long boat rides right now or we might plan another trip.

Eldred Rock Lighthouse

Eldred Rock Lighthouse, Lynn Canal, AK 24Nov2013, Photo by Allan J Jones
Eldred Rock Lighthouse, Lynn Canal, AK 24Nov2013

Eldred Rock Lighthouse sits in the middle of Lynn Canal between Juneau and Haines. It’s a fantastic location… when it’s clear. Juneau weather is rainforest like… and you can get socked in for weeks. I was really lucky to be able to hit a day in November when it was clear and I was on the ferry from Juneau to Haines.

It was cold, though. In order to get the shot, I had to go out onto the deck of the ferry. The wind was blowing some, adding to the windchill from the motion of the boat. I would go out and shoot as long as my fingers could stand it, then go back inside and warm up as much as I could, hoping that my sensor stayed free of condensation. Between the wind and the ferry motion I had to bump up the ISO so I could keep the shutter speed fast enough to cut any camera motion.

Camera: Sony NEX-5N 
Lens: Sony 55-210mm set at 94mm 
ISO 1600    1/1000 sec    F/16

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