Hiking the Old Road

My Old Kelty Backpack
Up a steep grade

Hiking up the Dosewallips River trail in Olympic National Park requires a 6.5 mile hike up the old road… which is closed due to washouts in 2 locations. We hiked in to the old car campground at the end of the road and spent the night there. Back in the day, we would have pushed further up the valley. But we really enjoy the luxuries of the old campground: picnic tables and food storage boxes.

Hiking the old road is a pain on the feet: it’s very rocky most of the way. It is wonderful to finally get to the ‘real’ trail and a softer surface.

I carried my old Kelty backpack that I got back in the early ’70’s. It is fairly lightweight and because its storage capacity is smaller than my internal frame pack, I have to work to reduce what I’m carrying. Fortunately, that means I can still carry the Nikon around my neck … Which is where a camera should be … not in a case or in the pack. If it’s handy, you’ll take more photos. And modern cameras are highly weather resistant.

Arriving in Camp

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  1. It looks like such fun. I am so jealous, especially of the camping part at the end of the trail. Thank you so much Al for continuing to share your wonderful photos.

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