Green Clearwing

Green Clearwing by Allan J Jones Photographer
Green Clearwing

To be honest, I’m only a little sure on the ID of this sweet little bug. I really need a better bug book, I guess. But it’s green and has clear wings, so… it seems likely. Most folks would just call this a dragonfly. And that’s not incorrect. But it’s sorta like identifying a Northern Harrier as “a hawk”.  Or so my reading suggests.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikon 105mm Macro
ISO 200    1/250 sec    f/8.0

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  1. I’m impressed by the placement of this insect in the picture, for such beings won’t wait for us to focus, etc! Again, a beautiful photo. Allan—you’re a great photographer.

    1. Thanks, Pat. I cropped the image more to my liking… but that’s still a reflection of my eye, so thank you very much. And shooting with a 105mm lens allowed me to keep my distance from the little bugger. (or is it a buggette?)

  2. This creature is a marvel, and I love the way the pattern of its wings has echoes in the pattern of the leaves. Thank you, Allan.

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