Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Yellow Swirl
Cadmium Yellow Swirl

Here are the steps involved in this image:

The original was taken with a Minolta XD11 with a 50mm macro lens on Ektachrome 400 slide film. I shot down into a tube of Liquitex Cadmium Yellow (which had separated some).

After getting the image back from processing, I used an X-acto scalpel to scrape the emulsion of the film along color boundaries. I then digitized the image by projection and shooting with a Nikon D200.

I took the digital image file into Photoshop and used the Wave and Twirl filters. Finally, I adjusted the levels of the highlights and shadows and the saturation and vibrance in Lightroom.

The Weekly Photo Challenge topic for this week was “Twisted”. I figure the twisted part can either be the intentional scratching of the film (“What kind of a twisted individual would intentionally scratch film?”) or the Photoshop effect afterwards.



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