2018 Solar Eclipse

Diamond Ring Effect, August 21, 2017, Solar Eclipse
Diamond Ring Effect, August 21, 2017, Solar Eclipse

I was in Salem, Oregon for the August 2018 solar eclipse. This was my third total eclipse. The one in 1979 was right after I had my camera stolen … so no photos. The one in England in August 1999 turned out to be hidden by clouds… so no photos of anything but the crowd. This time I was prepared and lucky with the weather.

I set my camera on a tripod, using a 300mm lens with a 2x multiplier. I also had a right-angle viewfinder that kept me from having to kink my neck to check out the viewfinder or screen. I set my intervalometer to take a photo every minute. The tripod I use has a gear drive so that it is easy to keep the sun close to the center of the frame. Once totality was close, I canceled the remote and manually shot photos. I was able to feel comfortable enough about my process that I was able to enjoy the eclipse and not just be focused on the photo process.

This image was my favorite. It shows what is called “The Diamond Ring Effect” and along the right edge, some solar prominences and was taken just at the end of totality.

Camera: Nikon D810
Lens:   Nikon 300mm with Nikon 2x adapter
ISO 100   1/100th sec   f/8.0

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