Port Chilkoot

Port Chilkoot, Haines, Alaska
Port Chilkoot, Haines, Alaska

In September 2015, my sister and I traveled to Haines, Alaska to visit my Aunt Maisie. She and my Uncle Dave (who gave me my first camera) had moved to Haines in the 1960’s. I lived there for about a year in the mid-70’s. Now in her 90’s, Maisie had just given up her house for an assisted living facility. (Port Chilkoot is part of Haines.)

My sister and I spent time visiting, in between trips looking for photos, birds and bears. One day on our way back into town, we pulled into the viewpoint overlooking the harbor. I liked the contrast between the new snow on the peaks and the clouds coming in.

Camera: Nikon Df
Lens: Nikon 28-300mm set at 112mm
ISO 800   1/640th sec   at f/13

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