Death Valley Juniper

Juniper, Thorndyke Campground, Death Valley National Park
Juniper, Thorndyke Campground, Death Valley National Park

In March 2017, I took a road trip with Jeff Acorn, my hiking companion for the last 35 years or so. We took a couple days driving down, spent a few days in Death Valley, spent a few days at Lone Pine Campground with some day trips and spent a couple days on the return drive.

This wonderful old juniper was in the Thorndike Campground in the high country in Death Valley National Park. Note the snow in the background … the campground is at over 7000′ and this was mid-March. We hiked up the road above the bee hive kilns above Wild Rose Campground, where we had stayed the previous evening. The road was closed at the kilns due to the snow on the road … but it wasn’t very deep. We stopped for lunch at Thorndike and while sitting on one of the picnic tables, I was stuck by the light on the tree that was next to the campsite.

Image details: taken with a Nikon D810, using a Nikon 28-300mm lens. Exposure settings: 1/50 sec, f10, ISO 100.

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