Deer Pests

Deer Pest

Port Townsend has a large deer population. Or, a large population of normal size deer.

This one spends his days hanging out in one of the cemeteries, eating flowers off the graves. And there aren’t any natural predators (except cars) in town, so the population keeps expanding. Hard to see how a natural balance will be established.

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  1. Your comment is funny! But deer are pests when they overpopulate and inhabit towns. Culling has begun in the east in certain areas much to the consternation of many folk. I hope your area can find a way to limit them. Wasting disease may be rising—a concern.

    1. My ex-wife lives in Ashville, NC and says the problem there is bears. I guess I’d rather have deer than bears. The New Yorker had an article on the Bear suppression program on Staten Island and the heated opposition from some sectors. I’m absolutely sure they would face the same or worse here.

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