Nevada Desert

Nevada Desert Road

This area is just a few miles from Reno … if you drive in the right direction. Driving in the ‘wrong’ direction will put you through miles of sprawl.

Resident of the Nevada Desert

This is a Regal Horned Lizard that I was lucky enough to spot along the roadway when it moved. Otherwise, it is so wonderfully camouflaged to blend in with the surrounding surface, I probably would have missed it.

Dose Elk

Dose Elk

This is part of the Dosewallips Elk herd that hangs out in the Brinnon area on the east side of the Olympic Peninsula. I found them relaxing in the Dosewallips State Park campground.

  • Camera: Nikon D850
  • Lens: Nikkor 80-400mm set at 400mm
  • ISO 400 1/60sec f/11

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