Another image from the interior of the Hastings Building in Port Townsend.

This old lawnmower is one of the few items left inside the building. It reminded me of my youth when I would push a mower similar to this around the neighborhood looking to make some extra money during the summer. The one I used wasn’t so rusty.

This one seems to have a board attached… not sure what the purpose was. Either to assist with the basket that catches the grass … or maybe to use the mower (with the handle in reverse) as a hand truck (?)

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    1. As I understand it, the current situation is unsettled partly due to Covid issues. The plan had been to do a hotel … I think

  1. Lovely capture, my Mum had a mower like this, I think they had a guard at the back so the board probably is replacing that to stop grass flying at your legs as you cut.

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