Autumn in Ellis Cove

Ellis Cove in Autumn, Olympia WA
Ellis Cove in Autumn, Olympia WA

Yeah, this is the wrong time of year for this image… but it just crossed my screen and I thought I would share it. Ellis Cove is a small inlet off of Budd Inlet on the south end of Puget Sound near Olympia.

I keep a kayak at the marina directly across from the cove and spent a lot of time paddling around the inlet. The combination of autumn colors, high tide and a lack of wind was unusual, but just what this needed. I carry a Nikon AW120 in the pocket of my PFD. I wish it shot in RAW, but I’m happy that it’s waterproof.

Camera: Nikon Coolpix AW120
Lens set at 4.3mm
ISO 125    1/1000 sec    f2.8

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