Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush growing on a rock wall near Hart's Pass by Allan J Jones Photography
Indian Paintbrush growing on a rock wall near Hart’s Pass

This Indian Paintbrush was growing on a rock wall along the side of the Pacific Crest Trail near Hart’s Pass. I had to use a very fast shutter speed to stop the motion caused by the gusting wind. I was a little disappointed with the depth of field, but that is always a challenge when you shoot close up.

Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: Nikon 28-300mm set at 135mm
ISO 200    1/500 sec    f/11

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    1. Thanks, Ilka. I’m in the middle of moving to a nice smaller sea town… will have to wait until I’m settled in to have the time to try out the different templates you recommended.

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