Red Tail Bumble Bee

Red Tailed Bumble Bee On Himalayan Blackberry
Red Tailed Bumble Bee On Himalayan Blackberry

On a (Himalayan) blackberry blossom… alongside Capitol Lake.

I noticed all the bumblebees on the blackberry blossums and decided to see what happened if I just focused on a blossum and waited for a bee to show up. I had to bump up the ISO a little to give me enough shutter speed to hold the motion of the blossom in the light breeze, while keeping the aperture set to give adequate depth of field.

and yes, this is cropped … I wasn’t really that close. (if I had been, the depth of field would have been reduced a lot)

Photo taken June 4, 2018

Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: Nikon 55mm f 1.8
ISO 400    1/500 sec    f/9.0

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