Landscape or Portrait


Landscape or Portrait is a question that photographers (and others) ask themselves on a regular basis. There often is no “right” answer, as I decided with this sequence. Sometimes there is an obvious preferred orientation. Tall buildings, etc.

While I was thinking of this question, I was reminded of the days (decades ago) when I was painting more than shooting photographs. Oh, I was shooting, but I was caught up in the joy of painting. Sometimes I would go to my favorite art supply and just look at canvas shapes … and one would inspirationally catch my mind’s eye. I “knew” that was the shape of the painting I wanted to do, even when I didn’t know what I was going to paint. So, I suppose, sometimes it’s like that with the camera. Sometimes it just grabs you.


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  1. I agree with January, in this case the portrait does look better. It would depend on what story you are try to tell.

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