Three Bare Roses

Three Bare Roses

This is my final shot of these roses (perhaps). I hope I have encouraged you to look at flowers differently … and not just give up on them when they are “past prime display”.

On a technical note: I struggled with the printing of this image. The background was tinted a light magenta that wasn’t what I wanted at all. The reason was that after a recent operating system update on my Mac, my system preferences for printing had been modified and re-set to “Apple Air Print”. This option works well enough for printing documents, but not for photographic prints where you are concerned with precise replication of colors. The result was that I had to delete the printer and reinstall the Epson driver. I was aware of this issue from past experiences, but it had slipped my mind after this update. If you have a Macintosh and struggle with getting colors, make sure you check to make sure the print driver is the latest from the printer manufacturer and not the generic Apple Air Print default.

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