Rose Bouquet

Rose Bouquet

I’m continuing to work with these dried roses. I liked the variation in this bouquet. This one really looks better if it’s bigger … you can see a larger image on screen by clicking on the image, but it really looks great printed at 17×22.

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  1. Absolutely love your ‘dead flower’ series! Yes—blown up it’s beautiful. You may start a whole new art form like Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup pics! I want to blow up each of the flowers you photograph and put on a wall!

    1. I’m calling the series: “Past Prime Display”
      But yes, they’re dried… not dead.
      I’ve got one 30”x30” on stretched canvas on my living room wall and love it.
      May have another one done to match it.
      The rest probably 20”x24” framed.

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