Day Lily

Day Lily

This isn’t what I know as a Day Lily, but it bloomed one day and the next day it was totally gone. So, it must be a day lily, I guess.

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  1. It looks like a plant I saw as part of a British sit-com. It was, in the show, very rare, and protected. The show turned it into comedy as it was protected by the only person in the village who knew what it was, a grey-haired grandmother. She was portrayed in the same light as an old, single, crazy cat-lady. As I recall, they called it some sort of orchid.

  2. These are Tiger Flowers also known as Mexican Shell Flowers. They are native to Mexico and Guatemala. Botanic name Tigridia (meaning “tiger-like”). I have some in my backyard and wished they bloomed longer. So pretty.

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