Flowers from Another Day

Flowers from Another Day

A vase of flowers over on a side table sat unnoticed for several days longer than usual. On the way out to the yard waste, they called to me asking for a final photograph. I really like the image… it calls to me. Make sure you click on it and see the larger image. The texture and detail are quite fine.

  • Camera: Fujifilm GFX-50R with Fujinon 63mm lens
  • ISO 6400 1/60th sec f/7.1

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  1. I love that you included this photo. And you are right, the detail is really amazing. Yay Al!!

  2. This is art, I think. An unusual take on a common subject, finding beauty in an under appreciated part of the cycle of creation and its fading. Also, the larger version seemed to have a finer resolution than the smaller. That is interesting.

    1. Thanks, Marcus. I love it too. I just really enjoy having a photo that you take by chance turns out so well and really hits you. Keeps me clicking away…

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