Abandoned Farm

I took advantage of a couple extra days of personal time (back before I retired) and drove to and from a conference in Reno, Nevada. It’s a two or three day drive from Olympia, depending on which route you take and how crazy a schedule you set. I took a direct route down and took extra time on the return. It gave me time to wander around and take some photos of abandoned farms and the barren openness of southeast Oregon, northeast California and northern Nevada. I really like this particular farmstead.

One of the things that blogging has shown me is that I am really pushing the ISO a lot higher than I need to. Here, for instance, I could easily have shot at ISO 100 and still had no problem hand holding and getting good depth of field. Since noticing that, I have watched carefully to keep the ISO to a minimum. Blogging can be good for you!

Photo taken July 24, 2015

Camera: Nikon Df
Lens: Nikon 28-200mm set at 85mm
ISO 640    1/640 sec    f/13

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