Motel Noir

Motel Noir by Allan J Jones Photography
Motel Noir

We stayed in for a special event night at Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, WA. The room we had was the Cottage Suite. It was very nice, except for the large exterior spot light they had recently installed on the main building … which shown in the cottage windows and which couldn’t be covered. Being used to having a fairly dark room to sleep in, we were both a little unhappy with that. However, when I noticed the shapes of the light coming in and how it hit the furniture, I thought I would get my camera out. I was still unhappy about how bright it was, but I was happy with the photo.

interesting enough, I had to bump up the ISO to 12,800 to get the photo. While there was too much light for our comfort, there wasn’t all that much light for a photo. The image looks good small, but sensor noise gets pretty bad when viewed larger.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikon 50mm F1.8G
ISO 12800    1/50 sec    f/1.8

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