Abandoned Campground

Abandoned Picnic Table
The old Dosewallips Campground
Watching the River

After a couple of days of hiking up the valley, we returned to the abandoned Dosewallips Campground on our way back to the trailhead. While the campsites that are close to the river are used fairly frequently, those areas away from the river are overgrown and in a state of decay. The middle photo shows the remains of the road running through the camp … just a trail now.

Devil’s Club and Elderberry

Devil’s Club
Red Elderberry

These two plants were growing fairly close to each other in the upper North Fork of the Dosewallips valley in the Olympic National Park. The elderberry has been used for wine … I don’t know of any such use for devil’s club, although native peoples are said to have used the bark and roots medicinally. The thorns on the stems are a major deterrent to making any effort to force one’s way through a patch. Cross-country travel through devil’s club is virtually impossible.


Into the meadow areas
The Press Party Point
Return to Camp

After two days of hiking with our full packs, we enjoyed a day of hiking with minimal weight. We spent a few hours hiking up the valley into the meadow areas created and maintained by winter avalanche activity. It was late enough in the year that the only flowers were those growing in moist areas along streams … or a few scattered columbine here and there.

The Press Party Point (final image) is our reference to one of the iconic photos from the Press Party Expedition … one of the first (non-native) traverses of the Olympic Mountains back in the 1890’s.

On the Trail

On the Trail
Big Woods
Rhododendron and Salal Underbrush
Scattered Sunlight

It’s a joy to hike a trail that carries you through miles of pleasant old growth forest. This isn’t the rain forest of the west side of the Olympic National Park, but old growth in the drier east side valley of the Dosewallips (in this case the North Fork).

The understory of salal and rhododendron is particularly pleasant to hike through. It’s just visually and experientially enriching.

Taking a break

Loading Up

Loading Up

Getting ready to hike up the North Fork Dosewallips trail, Olympic National Park from the old car campground. We don’t generally get going very early in the day … we tend to wear out early enough that there isn’t any point in a very early start.

By the way, the privy is visible in the background. However, the park had closed it … a steel cable ran across the door. We assumed it was due to concerns with Covid and the lack of any cleaning maintenance. Sorry silly if that is what it was. No one ever using one of these back country privies has ever had the impression that they are sanitary. Quite the contrary.

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