Quiet Time

Quiet Time

I’m not usually interested in shooting “Street Photography” … but in this case, I was trying out a new camera. I liked the feeling of this woman sitting alone having a quiet glass of wine … I thought it was reflective of the last year and a half of isolation during the pandemic.

Flower Garden

Calla Lilies

I like the forms of flowers and enjoy them in black and white. Then color doesn’t distract from the shapes. Calla Lilies are often subjects of black and white, including some classics.

Kitchen Garden

Clive Blooms

Shots from my garden a couple weeks ago. The rhubarb is quite healthy this year. In fact, I’m planning to replant it this winter to move it away from my small apple tree … to get the tree more sunlight.

Same Tree, Different View

Bristlecone View 1
Bristlecone View 2

These two images are of the same Bristlecone Pine, but just from a slightly different spot. I like them both and thought it was interesting how a slight change in shooting angle/location can change an image so much. A reminder of one of the basic rules of photography: Keep your feet moving and work the shot.

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