Mist on Mt Ellinor

Mist on Mt Elinor II, Colored Pencil
Mist on Mt Elinor II, Colored Pencil

Mt Ellinor is on the southeast corner of the Olympic Mountains. It is outside the Olympic National Park and is heavily used with thousands of visitors per year. I have climbed Ellinor many times over the years and it is always pleasant … unless you hike on a sunny weekend. Then the crowds are a drag.

The photo that this image was based on was taken while descending the chute … the original route up before a trail to the summit was build. The chute is the steep section that is an avalance chute and the snow builds up making for an excellent route (when the snow isn’t sliding). Descending on a day with clouds moving onto the mountain, the visibility was dropping and the atmospheric effects were dramatic.

Media: Faber-Castell pigment colored ink pens

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