Bridges: Open or Closed?

Bridge Opening For Navy Ship

One of the facts of life living on the north half of the Olympic Peninsula is that access to and from major population centers (think shopping and medical appointments) relies on crossing the Hood Canal bridge. In the case of Navy vessels (both submarines and support ships going to/from the Bangor Naval Base (think Trident Nuclear Submarines). Depending on the time of day, the delay can be easily close to an hour. And longer delays are possible during stormy weather, when the bridge is opened to minimize the strain of water being pushed against the span. Then the roadway is closed until the weather moderates.

But my question is: when do you call the bridge “open” and when do you call it “closed”? To me, when the bridge is open, the roadway is closed. But I’ve had conversations with people who say the bridge is closed … meaning that it is open for highway traffic … and other conversations where “the bridge is open”, meaning that it is open for highway traffic. Having grown up in Seattle, with its numerous draw bridges, I’m used to the perspective that when a bridge is open, it is open for boat traffic.

Are you mixed up yet?

Unexpected Delay

Never Shoot into the Sun

Never Shoot into the Sun

Certain times of the year you can get shots of the sun setting directly at the end of Water Street (‘main street’ Port Townsend). You aren’t supposed to shoot into the sun, because you get those lens flares and such (the big circle in the lower center). Don’t follow rules and you get better photos (sometimes).

Up North

Along Haines Highway

This was taken in August a few years ago, but is one of my favorite memories. I was up in Alaska visiting my Aunt Maisie with my sister. We drove up the Haines Highway into Canada for a day trip and got out to walk around before heading back. There has just been an early snowfall dusting the peaks and it was quite spectacular.

Better Than New

Better Than New

I was sitting in line waiting for the ferry and ended up almost next to this trailer. I was with a friend that has a number of travel trailers that he has fixed up … including some from the frame up. I was totally amazed that he didn’t go inquire about this rig. It’s pretty nice. That is a sewing needle below the lettering on the rear window, so I imagined that the owner used it as a mobile sewing center.

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