Madison Falls


Madison Falls is along the Elwha River just at the boundary of the Olympic National Park. The walk is about a city block and is accessible (though not so much in the snow).

We had a few days of below freezing temperatures, but the ice hadn’t built up quite as much as I was expecting. Still nice, though.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikkor 28-300mm
ISO 200    .4 sec   f/22

Beach House and Madrone


This was just at sunset and the colors were really warm… a lot warmer than the air temp. This place sure has a spectacular view … I took this while I was standing waiting for the sun to set so I could try to get a photo of the crescent moon (photo of that here).

The location is at the end of Marrowstone Island just southeast of Port Townsend, WA. The water is Puget Sound.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikkor 300mm PF
ISO 100    1/15 sec    f/11

View from Slate Peak

View from the summit of Slate Peak, North Cascades, WA by Allan J Jones Photography
View from the summit of Slate Peak, North Cascades, WA

There is a steep road climbing up from Hart’s Pass (around 6100′) and climbing up the ridge towards Slate Peak. The last half mile of the road is closed off, so you walk up the road to the abandoned fire watch tower and the flat topped summit (the military blew the top of the mountain off in the 1950’s to build an early warning radar site).

From the summit, at around 7400′, you get a spectacular 360 degree view of the North Cascades and the Paysaten Wilderness. It was also very windy and we were dressed for the much warmer conditions at lower elevations.

The photo shows the last section of road with the small parking lot at the gate. To the right running through the meadow area is a section of the Pacific Crest Trail (running from Mexico to the Canadian border). In the middle distance you can see the burned area of that includes the Meadows Campground area. The snow peak towards the left is Silver Star. (Back in the early 70’s I climbed it as part of a climbing course.)

(Note of caution: the road to Hart’s Pass is very narrow (single lane in places) and very rough with washed out areas and a lot of rocks. Not a good choice for a low slung passenger car … and it’s closed for RV’s and trailers. There is also one section with a significant drop on one side… not a road for people with vertigo issues.)

Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: Nikon 28-300mm set at 78mm
ISO 100    1/500sec    f/11


Eldred Rock Lighthouse

Eldred Rock Lighthouse, Lynn Canal, AK 24Nov2013, Photo by Allan J Jones
Eldred Rock Lighthouse, Lynn Canal, AK 24Nov2013

Eldred Rock Lighthouse sits in the middle of Lynn Canal between Juneau and Haines. It’s a fantastic location… when it’s clear. Juneau weather is rainforest like… and you can get socked in for weeks. I was really lucky to be able to hit a day in November when it was clear and I was on the ferry from Juneau to Haines.

It was cold, though. In order to get the shot, I had to go out onto the deck of the ferry. The wind was blowing some, adding to the windchill from the motion of the boat. I would go out and shoot as long as my fingers could stand it, then go back inside and warm up as much as I could, hoping that my sensor stayed free of condensation. Between the wind and the ferry motion I had to bump up the ISO so I could keep the shutter speed fast enough to cut any camera motion.

Camera: Sony NEX-5N 
Lens: Sony 55-210mm set at 94mm 
ISO 1600    1/1000 sec    F/16

Sequoias in the Snow

Sequoias in the Snow, Sequoia National Park
Sequoias in the Snow, Sequoia National Park

The first of May found me driving through dense fog in Sequoia National Park. Climbing out of the fog, it started to snow. Instead of a pleasant day of enjoying the majestic trees, there was a choice of fog or snow. And, even though the snow was minimal, the number of folks visiting with no experience whatsoever of driving in even a half inch of snow closed the road with multiple spin outs. I took this photo at the place where they had set up a road block and turned folks around. While waiting for the snow plow (!), I got this photo of the trees.

While tilting the camera up created some perspective distortion, it cut out the traffic jam. And when I tried adjustments for removing the distortion, it tended to make the image less dramatic.

Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: Nikon 28-300mm set at 28mm
ISO 100    1/200 sec    f/7.1

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