So, what is this?

So, what is this?

So, I just had to do one more scratch shot. Wondering how many can guess what it is. But then, I don’t have a good way of taking guesses … and answering, either.

It is a tube of Cadmium Yellow acrylic art paint. Taken with a Minolta bellows attachment with a macro lens, using Ektachrome 400. Scratches by means of a miniature scalpel.

Art??? Scratch that…

Bozeman Stove

I was going through ‘old’ images and found these. They started out as Ektachrome slides … I took a miniature scalpel to them under a magnifying glass and scratched along the lines. There is a choice of when you stop and which lines you highlight… that’s the art choice. Some of the colors in the scratches are from the emulsion peeling up and partly remaining.

I did a 4′ x 8′ painting of the Mustang and put it on the door of my garage. I left it there when I left. Always thought about going back to see if it is still there 30 years later.

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