Storm Over the Sierras 2

Storm over the Sierras 2

I was running through images taken a few months back. Revisit and Review, I call it. Looking at images that I passed over the first time… and reviewing the images that I had processed. This one struck home as an image that I passed over because there was another image taken a mile or two down the road that I liked better and didn’t want to post two images that were similar. But when I went back and compared the two, this one really has a different feel to it.

This is looking across Owens Lake to the southern Sierras … if you click on the image to enlarge it, you can just see the Whitney Portal road on the far left side, where it runs up the foothills above Lone Pine.

Mt Whitney Sunset

Mt Whitney Sunset

I can’t wait for the travel restrictions to lift so that I can freely travel to the desert SW. To the Lone Pine area, to the White Mountains and the Bristlecone Pines, to Death Valley, to the views of Mt Whitney.

In the photo above, Mt Whitney is about a third the way in from the left. It’s the fact that the mountain that looks tall is close that makes it looks tallest.

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