Autumn Colors: Vegetables

Autumn Colors: Vegetables

The “typical” autumn photograph shows brightly colored foliage. There are other fall colors though: I love the colors of fall vegetables.

Red Dog Farm is a local (in Chimacum, a small town outside of Port Townsend, WA … which is also a small town) organic farm that includes a CSA program (Community Sustained Agriculture). This photo is from the weekly Farmer’s Market in Port Townsend.

Farmer’s Market in the Fall

A fall visit to the farmer’s market is a lot different than the mid-summer visits. In Port Townsend, the crowd is down … not so many tourists. The veggies and fruits are different, too. An interesting variety of root veggies, squash and other fall harvest offerings. Click on the image of the Romanesco and you will notice the very interesting fractal-like shape. It’s also called Roman Cauliflower or Romanesco Broccoli.


Camera: Fujifilm GFX 50-R with Fujinon 63mm

Farmer’s Market

  • The first of these are from the Farmer’s Market in Ganges on Salt Spring Island, B.C. Here’s everything you need for a good salad, except maybe some olive oil and vinegar.
Boxes of Cherry Tomatoes
Dandelions for Sale

This final shot is from the Farmer’s Market in Port Townsend. My dad was a gardener and grew up on a small farm in Wisconsin. He would have cracked up at this stand selling organic Dandelion.

  • Cameras: Ganges– Fujifilm GFX70R; Port Townsend– Nikon D850
  • Lenses: Ganges–Fujinon 63mm; Port Townsend– Nikkor 24-85mm set at 85mm

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