Olympic Hot Springs Road Bike Trip

Elwha River Bridge on Olympic Hot Springs Rd.

My friend Gary and I rode our bikes up the Olympic Hot Springs Road (also known as the Elwha River Road) … these days this entails a .7 mile bypass trail around a washed out section of the road. After the bypass, there is about 6 miles of road to get to the trailhead … the hot springs are another 2.2 miles of hiking … which we didn’t hike that day.

I have hiked through this area numbers of times over the last 40 years … but this was the first visit up the road since the washout happened several years ago. It brought back memories. The additional distance has had a dramatic impact on the number of people using the area.

The next post will concentrate on the river.

Pushing the bike along the bypass trail
Happy Biker
After the Ride


Stuck with the bridge open for boat traffic
Bridge Supports

One of the drawbacks to living where I do is that it’s a long way from major shopping areas with a bridge to cross. When the bridge opens for boat traffic, it can create a huge traffic backup… especially on holiday weekends. But when the weather is nice and you have nothing else to do, it can be an interesting photo op.

Bridge and Flowers

Bridge and Flowers

Bridges are symbols of important events in life. It’s nice when they are able to be done in the midst of flowers and natural beauty.

Staircase Rapids Bridge

Staircase Rapids Bridge

Another shot from my first roll of film through the old Brownie Target. Out for a walk in Olympic National Park (up the North Fork Skokomish River Trail) before the corona closure.

I send the film off for processing. When I get it back it comes with low resolution scans. At that point, I evaluate which images are worth spending more time on, then scan those negatives. Lots of work to remove dust spots.

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