Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

I tried to tell this little guy that there was lots more food available on the face of the feeder instead of on the end piece. But it didn’t listen. But I was happy to have it sit there while I walked by and took his photo.

Greedy Little Buggers

Greedy Little Bugger

We’ve been having a cold spell here in the Puget Sound area. Cold enough that the nectar in my hummingbird feeders froze up. So, I’ve been shuttling them inside to thaw them out. Unfortunately, I’ll get one greedy little bugger keeping other hummers away. Even when it’s not feeding, it will perch nearby and chase off any other comers. Seems like an almost human behavior… when you reflect on the behavior of some of the worse examples of those in the news.

Standing Guard
Hogging the Feeder

Birds at the Feeder

Junco and Downy Woodpecker

I am lucky to have a nice office to work on my photography that has a window that looks out onto the yard and right at the bird feeders. When I get some likely suspects, I grab my camera and a big lens and see what I get.

Northern Flicker

Little Beggars

Canada Jay (AKA Gray Jay)

Both Jays and Chipmunks can be terrible beggars. These were at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. The jays were particularly pushy and the chipmunk was nervous and content with natural food. There was a wedding and reception taking place in a relatively secluded picnic area and the jays were quite interested in the food table. They hadn’t been invited, but that didn’t seem to bother them much.

Yellow Pine Chipmunk

Herons on the Shoreline

Herons on the Shoreline

Port Townsend has an excellent walking/biking trail: The Larry Scott Trail. It runs from the marina downtown for 7.3 miles … they hope to connect it to the Olympic Discovery Trail, but are missing several miles of property rights. This section is near the marina and at low tide there are frequently herons that come to try and find a snack or two.

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