Views from Ballarat

Charlie Manson’s Pickup

Supposedly, the pickup truck above was once ‘owned’ by Charles Manson, the cult leader in the late 60’s that was convicted of a number of murders. It sits in Ballarat, a small private holding within Death Valley National Park. Ballarat has a population of one.

Below is a building that is in Ballarat. If you want to call it a building. I thought it made a nice jumble, though.

Ballarat Fixer Upper

Sleeping Truck

Sleeping Truck

“Old trucks never die, they just go to sleep.” A young friend (a mechanically inclined young man) told me that once when I referred to an old truck as “dead”. It’s good to remember.

Old Trucks

Old Truck (1)

I’m a big fan of old trucks … even if they aren’t running anymore. They aren’t ‘dead’ only sleeping. I especially like the Studebaker below.

These are more test shots with the Nikon F6 and Tri-X.

Old Truck (2)

Olympic Hot Springs Road Bike Trip

Elwha River Bridge on Olympic Hot Springs Rd.

My friend Gary and I rode our bikes up the Olympic Hot Springs Road (also known as the Elwha River Road) … these days this entails a .7 mile bypass trail around a washed out section of the road. After the bypass, there is about 6 miles of road to get to the trailhead … the hot springs are another 2.2 miles of hiking … which we didn’t hike that day.

I have hiked through this area numbers of times over the last 40 years … but this was the first visit up the road since the washout happened several years ago. It brought back memories. The additional distance has had a dramatic impact on the number of people using the area.

The next post will concentrate on the river.

Pushing the bike along the bypass trail
Happy Biker
After the Ride

Sleeping Truck

Sleeping Truck

This old truck isn’t dead, just sleeping. It’s a long nap. But it’s been a tough life being a truck up in an Alaskan sea town. Naps are well deserved.

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